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  • Photo from @ameya.naturals on Instagram on ameya.naturals at 3/15/22 at 4:22PM

    Multiple wonders packed in this little jar!

    Bella Vita Organic NightGlow Creme is packed with multiple benefits that work for skin repair, hydration, anti-ageing and dryness control. 🌝

    Made specially for your PM routine! The skin becomes prone to environmental elements that build dirt and oil on the skin's surface during the day, this night cream works to repair skin at night making it the most efficient product during your night regime!

    • Photo from @ameya.naturals on Instagram on ameya.naturals at 2/6/22 at 11:36AM

      When it comes to cold pressed oils the questions we often get asked are -

      ❓Will oils suit me?
      ❓Which facial oil is the best for me?
      ❓Which cold pressed oil will be good for my hair?
      ❓Will cold pressed oils break me out?

      We have a number of beneficial and amazing cold pressed plant oils that are suited to various skin and hair types, but if you are just starting out you will want to choose a versatile one.

      And Jojoba oil is just that and more. Great for your skin, hair, body, eyelashes, nails… pretty much everything and suited to all skin and hair types.

      Have you tried Jojoba oil before? Let us know how you liked it! 👇🏼

      • Photo from @ameya.naturals on Instagram on ameya.naturals at 3/11/22 at 8:03AM

        Give your under eyes it's daily dose of moisture and nourishment with this light-weight and fast-absorbing eye roll on.⁠

        Juicy Chemistry’s Prickly Pear, Chia and Tamanu eye roll-on is a blend of plant-oils rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins that -⁠

        1. Improves skin's ability to retain moisture⁠
        2. Prevent early signs of ageing⁠
        3. Reduces pigmentation, fine lines and puffiness⁠

        • Photo from @ameya.naturals on Instagram on ameya.naturals at 1/20/22 at 7:00AM

          Mask on, even indoors!⁠
          Mid-week maskers, look no further 😃✋⁠

          Dip your skin into this lightweight, yellow-beady gel moisturizer which deeply hydrates your barrier overnight - do we need to talk about the radiant AM glow? 😉✨⁠

          Link in bio to order!⁠

          #sleepingmask #turmeric #hyaluronicacid #skinhydration #skinbarrier #skincareroutine #skincarenepal

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