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Welcome to Ameya - where we embrace clean beauty and a conscious lifestyle.

Who We Are

Ameya Naturals embodies a sustainable and conscious lifestyle. We aim to be a platform curated with love where brands that follow principles of simplicity in the formulation, ethics in sourcing, mindfulness in manufacturing, and sustainability in packaging come together for you.

We promote clean, naturally sourced, trustworthy, and credible products for clean beauty and health. You have the right to know what goes onto your skin and into your body and it is only possible through brands that adhere to transparency in their operations, right from sourcing to end of life.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Authentic, Safe & Effective 

The products showcased here are made from handpicked, natural ingredients sourced from across the world and often blend Eastern wisdom and Ayurveda with the advances of modern science to ensure a safe, effective and luxurious experience. We work with sought after brands that embody these values.

Click on any product and you will notice that they are free from sulfates, parabens, GMOs and other harsh chemicals. No matter which product you pick up from our curated selection, you will be able to see ALL the ingredients and get the results promised.


Debating whether to buy a product that’s good for your skin or hair but not for your health or the earth is a decision you should never have to make. Here at Ameya, we can help you choose alternatives to make the switch from harsh commercial products to organic and environmentally friendly options.

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